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Lara Korotenko attended the 080 Barcelona

Fashion show, which is a source of inspiration and a guide to the fashion world for many designers and stylists. For over 40 years, 080 Barcelona Fashion Week (formerly called Pasarela Gaudi) is considered to be the largest event in the fashion world of the capital of Catalonia, the main purpose of which is to give motivation to the development of young talents. In addition to fashion collections, guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition collections in the showroom, to hear about fashion trends at fashion-public talks, to communicate with famous personalities in the world of fashion. However, the main feature of Barcelona Fashion Week is not the interesting acquaintances and get-togethers, but the professional orientation.

Creativity of designers is evaluated not only by potential buyers, but also by a professional jury. Together, they have all shaped the trends of the fall / winter 2020/21 season, so participating in this event is quite useful for understanding fashion trends.

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