Lara Korotenko

Lara Korotenko – East European author of textures and ornaments, designer of exclusive fabrics

Unique collections created with the help of unique techniques fascinate fans of Lara’s creative work, inspire designers of clothing and interior items. The feeling of mystical secrecy can be physically involved in almost every artist’s creation. It is no coincidence that Lara is described as one of the creators of the new energy of Ukrainian symbols in the heart of Europe.

Lara’s life is filled with trips to unusual places. New places inspire her to create the rare ornaments, themes and plots and with the help of exceptional techniques, she combines images, photo illustrations and computer technology into unique images and textures filled with incredibly strong energy from the author. The ability to combine the spirituality of man, the beauty of nature, the world as a whole with his own feelings and knowledge (in particular, about fabrics) makes Lara Korotenko’s work unique.

Ukrainian borsch

The Ukrainian Borshch collection, a landmark for the author, is a true national project that combines the modern world of fashion with folk motifs.

A favorite dish of many Ukrainians, one of the world-famous symbols of our national cuisine has been transformed into colorful textures that can be used to decorate various garments. And not just clothing – the original collection of textures attracts the opportunity to use in any other way: furniture, tableware, interior items, paintings and more.


Sometimes the subconscious from its foggy depths brings to the surface clear images that translate into vivid images. This is how the Poppies collection came into being, which is one of Lara’s most famous works today.

In Ukraine, poppy as a common symbol of oblivion and death, has become a national symbol of memory and enduring love. In May, Ukrainians pay tribute to his memory of those killed in the war. Here is a collection of “Poppies” for each designer takes on new meanings, everyone here can find their own.



Other names in this collection that you may come across in the media are “Chornoburka” or “Fox”. Created back in 2014, designers are still finding new uses for original textures. Thus, in 2019, the collection participated in a joint show at the Kiev Fashion Awards, where it won two nominations.

It is unknown at this time whether the world of Lara’s fur will continue to spread. But if this expansion happens, it is known for certain that it will not carry any threat to the environment.

Bulgarian rose

Worldwide famous the Valley of the Roses, which lies at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountains, leaves few people indifferent. “Rose is a harbinger of happiness,” say the Bulgarians. The romantic legend of lovers Dobromir and Leia lives among them, because when the two meet among the roses, they are sure will gell in love with each other.

It’s not difficult to verify the validity of this statement, because how can you not fall in love with Lara Korotenko’s rose collection!

Children’s world

The first drawings of the collection emerged as a creative tandem with her daughter Sofia. The simplest children’s drawing in the artist’s imagination can turn into an amazing image. All you have to do is feel the energy of a child who has put a piece of soul into the picture. Lara is really good in it. And since there are many children she cares about and everyone likes to draw, the children’s collection of textures will remain inexhaustible.


The collection of illustrations in this theme is a classic by Lara Korotenko, who not only creates, but also artistically rethinks each illustration, passing it through her own unique world of love and inspiration, life experiences and emotions. The unique color vision, the combination of textures make the collection unique to every designer working with Lara. It also inspires the creation of custom capsules and extensive collections – clothing, accessories, decor, scarves or shawls.